A horror podcast from Hollow Stone Press. Coming April 2022

When Toby gets a postcard from a trusted friend, he goes in search of the curiosity shop of his dreams. But everything comes at a price, and in Bleakwood it might be more than you’re willing to pay…

Curiosity was written, read and produced by Paul Stephenson. 

Paul Stephenson writes pulp fiction for the digital age. His first novel series – the apocalyptic Blood on the Motorway trilogy – has been an Amazon bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. His work has been featured on the chart-topping horror podcast, The Other Stories, and his new ebook serial, The Sunset Chronicles, is a dystopian sci-fi thriller that will delight and terrify fans of science fiction and horror alike. He lives in England with his wife, two children, and one hellhound. He is also one half of the All Creatives Now team, with fellow horror author, Kev Harrison. Check out his work and more at paulstephensonbooks.com or find him on twitter @PRSBooks

Get more information on Bleakwood at bleakwoodpod.com or find us on twitter at @bleakwood_pod

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